It’s clear that, together, PlaceShapers are making a huge impact in towns, cities and rural areas across the country. Our “We Care” campaign demonstrates this impact at a local level and for every story included in this initial publication there are hundreds more like them. Not only do we help shape places and communities; they shape us as we wrap ourselves and our offer around the need of the people we serve.

Because of our unique model, we have the capacity to deliver more and better services, responding flexibly to key issues of the time. We build homes in areas no one else would, and support communities on the margins to prosper. We take long term views on the future value of our investments. We ensure we have a legacy to be proud of as custodians of our organisations, delivering added value deep in our communities and taking a person-centred approach to help and support people enjoy independent, healthy and more prosperous lives. The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower has rightly created a renewed emphasis on listening to our tenants’ voices and ensuring we always respect the people behind them. That is only possible if you care. We care hugely and look forward to building on our track record as valued partner housing associations to provide many more caring services in the years to come.