Shepherds Bush Housing Group

Shared accommodation and affordability


We Care about keeping rents affordable so our community stays strong and diverse. Our 5000 homes in west London are in some of the most expensive areas of the city. Lack of supply drives prices up and people out, breaking up communities.

Our commitment to affordable rents is total. Our ten-year building programme of 2000 homes is entirely made up of homes for affordable rent or shared ownership. Any for market rent or outright sale are extra to this.

Close links with our local authority partners help - we could be ‘gifted’ land in return for providing homes and use local authority ‘right to buy’ receipts (covering one third of build costs); both helping keep rents affordable. We are always looking for more ways to do this. In response to high rents and overheads for privately rented accommodation, our offer includes shared accommodation for young people.


22-year-old Jamie (not his real name) has lived in west London all his life and now lives in shared accommodation, paying £525 per month including bills. He said: “This is the option that young people need. It’s affordable but still gives you a sense of responsibility. I see what it costs to live here and that’s between four so if you live on your own, its four times that. After I move on from here, I hope to buy, maybe not in this area but somewhere.

I’m an employment co-ordinator and also run youth football clubs. My time here has made a big difference. I was bordering on being homeless before. The rent gives flexibility. You have to make sure your rent and bills are paid but you could also do some studying as well as working.

We all get on. We have our rooms and a communal kitchen where we chat for hours.”

SBHG Neighbourhood Manager Peter Lowe said: “Young adults will be there for a minimum of two years. It gives them an affordable home while they receive support and guidance to develop their careers. Our shared accommodation sets them on a path towards independent living.”